1. Start with a plan

Determine your needs and esthetic preferences before you begin a project. Define the limitations your space and budget may introduce and be flexible and resourceful to accomplish your goals.

2. Design “Trends”

Be aware that trends are just that. If your first instinct is that it will look dated in 2 years, it probably will. Integrate trends into elements that are less expensive, or easily changed; for example, pillows or accessories.

3. Paint Colours

By choosing paint colours first, homeowners drastically limit their options. Use paint samples as inspiration but don’t commit to a specific colour until you’ve finalized your foundation pieces such as furniture, flooring or cabinetry.

4. Furnishings

In many cases, homeowners rush to finish a space completely. Consider when purchasing furnishings near the end of the project, whether you love it or are just buying it to fill the space. Invest in quality pieces you love, rather than wasting your money on “good enough for now” furnishings.

5. Personalize it.

It’s easy to transform your living space into a comfortable home for friends and family just by injecting personal touches. Enlarge photographs of family or events to showcase as art, or frame personal mementos in shadow boxes to become a topic of conversation.
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